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  • An email client with built-in spam filter.

    Whats new in version 9.0:
    • Major interface improvements. Improved all skins.
    • Added support for sub-folders. This is great for organizing your archived email.
    • In fields that support unicode: added support for keyboards that generate unicode characters. Added support for IONICODE Keyboard Enhancer software. Fixed: while typing a character code with the Alt+Plus+Numpad method, pressing F will no longer open the File menu.
    • Added full support for editing 16-bit unicode characters in the headers and Text Body of the Mass Mail Preview Window.
    • Added the "Trust All" icon to the right end of the email contents bar. This makes it easier to allow an email to show images.
    • Added the "Mailbox", "Folder", and "Message" menus. Although redundant, users who are familiar with other email clients may prefer them to using buttons or right clicking.
    • Compose: when there is no Text Body, one will be synthesized automatically from the HTML Body. Even though the Text Body is only displayed by email clients that don\'t support HTML...

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